Technology for Kitesurfing

We develop leading technology to make Kitesurfing easier.

We develop leading technology to make Kitesurfing easier
With the Weeen locator, kiters are able to find the board in record time, having more time to practice the sport. Weeen can be connected easily to other Weeen devices to locate the kiters, so it facilitates the rescue in case of risk.

Find your board in record time.

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How does Weeen work?

  • The user will stick the bracket on the board with a special double-sided tape for this type of products and uses. This bracket will be attached to the board.
  • To use the locator, the kiter must place it in the bracket, already attached to the kitesurf, surfkite and hydrofoil boards and fix it with the rubber band.
  • This rubber band fixes the device perfectly to the board, so there is no danger of loss due to movements in the water or the strength of the waves.
  • Once the locator is turned on, it will send signals that will be read by the smart bracelet, which the athlete has to wear on the wrist.
  • Depending on the signal, the smart bracelet will indicate the position of the board according to the direction and distance.
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A smart bracelet for kiters

Advantages of using Weeen

Quick positioning

Weeen helps you locate the kiteboard in a shorter period of time, indicating the direction and distance.

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Secures the equipment

Ensures 100% the exact location of the board, preventing it from being lost.

Technological innovation

Leading technology as a service for a more comfortable and safer kitesurf practice.

kiteboard leash

It does not hit you like the leash

It avoids lashes or the habitual leash blows, reason why the user obtains a greater confort.

Unlimited use

Weeen can be used as many times as you want, so it is the perfect partner when practicing kitesurfing.

Helps in rescues

It is also used to locate kiters, so the rescue tasks in case of risk are more effective.

More time to practice Kitesurf

Weeen fun!

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